I went to Wendy's in Columbia, MO. The lady seemed nice enough, took my order.

I ordered a number 10. (Chicken nuggets) and a spicy chicken sandwich. 2 drinks. So, I get charged $13.

I went to the window and they told me they were waiting on the fries for 2 minutes so I needed to pull up. I did, waited about 10 minutes and proceeded to go inside to see where my order was. The door was unlocked, but they were yelling saying they were closed. They came outside with one drink, instead of two and they gave us a burger and a spicy chicken sandwich but rang me up for two burgers add bacon?!!!!

That's not even close to what I ordered!

And since the lady forgot my small drink the first time I had already went back through the drive thru and didn't discover the food was wrong until I got home. So angry!!!

Monetary Loss: $13.

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