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This week in Pittsberg, PA your restaurant near my closest town was giving away hamburgers as a taste test. The three of us got in line to get our sample. The line was long as every begger wanted a free meal. The difference between them and myself was I am a paying customer from the past. I am a registred nurse I make 90k a year and I don't know why I had to wait line when I can probably spend more money in their restaurant than the other regular every day people waiting in line.

My daughter and I got our burgers. We went to sit down because they had to make a new batch for my son since the already ran out. This took a good five minutes. I would normally have complained about this but since I already had my meal I decided to let it slide even though they were starving a ten year old by making him wait anothe five minutes.

My son came to the table without his burger and I asked him what happened. He told me that he wanted a double hamburger with cheese. (He was really hungry, his deadbeat father only fed him cereal for breakfast and rice and broccoli for lunch. He only ate the rice since he hates broccoli which my husband insists he ate if he wanted his dessert. My son refused to eat the brocolli so my deadbeat husband refused to let him have ice cream. Anyways to make a long story short because my husband pratically starved my son he was really hungry and wanted a double hamburger with cheese. He said that they only gave a single patty for free and asked for money to get the burger he wanted. I immediately went to the counter. I asked which person was serving him. He pointed. I went up to that person and started telling her my concern when she told me to get in line. She was serving a customer. I admit I interrupted them however I was very angry at the way my son was treated. Then the customer got angry at me and told me he was not finished yet. I told him that I was a registered nurse and I make more money than him and he has no right to be mean to me just because he is jealous of how much money I make. Then the person behind him saw that I was angry and let me voice my concern. I am not racist but the person that allowed me to go through was white and the person that got angry at me was black. He is predjudice and thought I was being rude to him only because of his skin color. I was not, I was just trying to get my son the burger he wanted.

I explained the situation to the cashier. I told her that my son wanted a double burger with cheese. She was very angry and talked down to me. (I make three times as much money as her and she talked down to me.) She told me that only the hamburger's were free if I wanted double the patty and the cheese with it I would have to pay the regular price. I asked to speak with a supervisor. A woman by the name Rachel(probably Jewish from her name) came up to me and said that only the hamburger was free. I told her this was ridiculous, that Wendy's makes millions a year and they can't even add a an extra patty and a slice of cheese for a hungry boy malnurished my his father. She told me that I have three choices. I can either get the free hamburger for my son, pay for the burger that he wanted or take nothing. I took my son aside for a second and he said that he wanted two hamburgers for because he was hungry. At this point he was really upset he asked my why I did not just pay for the double hamburger with cheese and even offered to pay me back. I told him it was a matter of principle. I explained to him very softly that Rachel was being a cheap Jew, and that while I can afford the double hamburger with cheese for him I was not going to let the incompetient cashier and manager push me around and they are being very difficult in not adding an extra patty and slice of cheese for one hungry boy. When he found out that he was not getting the kind of burger he wanted he was very upset and did not want anything. I had to eat his hamburger because he refused to eat. While I was busy trying to make some sense into this situation my daughter had already finished her hamburger and had to watch me eat mine which I only half ate and my son's which he did not want becase Rachel the incompetient manager put him in a bad mood. I did not even get an apology for the inconvience that this has caused my son, daughter and myself.

I make 90k a year and can spend a lot of money in your store. You won't be seeing a dime until I get a $25 gift card for the inconvience that you have caused me and my son. It does not have to be $25 it can be just a coupon for a free value meal as long as it is something I really don't care. You caused my children and myself a great inconvience by not giving my son what he wanted and by making us stand in line with the regular everyday people who probably only make half or one third as much money as I do. Stop running your business like a bunch of cheap Jews. I myself have worked at Mcdonalds and have earned my living, and until your employees do the same they should treat people better off then them better.

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First of all you stuck up ***, if you make 90K a year as a registered nurse you can afford to pay $2 for a doublestack, no instead you go in for a free hamburger promotion and then complain when your child orders something that policy says needs to be paid for. Don't lord your having a decent paying job over hard working people who work their *** off part time for minimum wage to make one tenth of what you do, and why the *** is your son malnourished if you make so much yet you are out trying to get free *** food? Get a life ***.


Complaint265, I too am a registered nurse but don't understand why you flant what you "supposively" make or what your occupation is. People like you are what we hate in this world.

I personally would never let my children be handled by you. Just because you would probably accuse them of being so rude to you and expect money.


This woman must be a joke. Nobody is this terrible.

Complaining about a husband feeding her child nutritious food and then insisting on a double burger (free of charge) for her 10-year-old is just too far fetched.

Add in racism and claims of big money and it is just too ridiculous to be real.

However, if this woman really is out there as presented, she is an evil nut.


This has to be a joke.


Someone needs to find this lady, and if she really does have kids. Not the little green and purple people in her head, then they should be removed from her custody.

Really 265 DO YOU HAVE A LIFE! I agree everyone must be out to get you, take your meds and everything will be fine.

Rather just check back into your ward and be done with it. Wait they miss treated you there too right???


Someone needs to find this lady, and if she really does have kids. Not the little green and purple people in her head, then they should be removed from her custody.

Really 265 DO YOU HAVE A LIFE! I agree everyone must be out to get you, take your meds and everything will be fine.

Rather just check back into your ward and be done with it. Wait they miss treated you there too right???


you just a fat ignorant ***. seriously.

couldn't you just give him your burger and then he can have his own? and then you went and ate the other burger? you're a fatty. you treat your kids horribly, i feel really bad for them, and you treated those poor cashiers horribly.

you are horrible. it's funny... you kept mentioning on how much money you make- who the *** cares!

it doesn't matter if you only make a dime a day or a thousand a day, everyone is still a human being and has feelings. i hope this story is a joke, and if not, i hope you pray each and every day that you aren't going to ***.


Its not the about the burger he wanted you ***. If this story is even real, which I seriously hope it isn't, If I worked at Wendy's I would have told you you can blow the 90k out of your *** and as for the burger if its free I suggest you shut up and wait the five minutes.

I hope to God you are really just some teenager messing with everyone on here and not really the wierdo you claim to be. If your a nurse just for the supposed 90k a year (which I don't) then please find another profession.

You are just a filthy *** not cut out for nursing. You might make a good *** or professional white trash mama.


For the record, it is spelled "Pittsburgh". I grew up in a little town outside of that city, and it is full of hicks and losers.

You sound like one of them. RN's don't make $90,000 in towns like that.

The doctors barely make that much money. If you really are an RN, I have no idea how you passed your exams to be registered.


I found this amuzing, I MAKE 90K A YEAR BLAH BLAH BLAH IF your such a GOOD MUM, WHY THE *** DIDNT YOU BUY HIM ONE? *** RETARDED RICH ***!


Hey Dance your butt off did you read her newest Wal-mart complaint?


You are a freak! I only read your stories to see if you have got any crazier.

You have too. The award to the Biggest wierdo and complainer goes to....

YOU. FREAK :x :grin


You are such a freak! I only read your stories to see if you have gone even more crazy.

And you have. The award to the biggest complainer and wierdo goes too............. YOU!!!!! HA HA HA!!!

you are a wierdo with a beardo. and you probably do have a beard because you are crazy!!!!!!!!


Complaint265 has obviously lost her brain medicine.


This is a real physco b$tch. Read all her other 1,000,000 complaints.

Always wants a free $25 gift card because walmart, or restuarant is downgrading her or her children thinks they owe her. Supposably makes 90k, ( I guess if you would add up all the free $25 gift cards she mooches off of the retailers then possibly she could make that much?) My guess is she really is a lonely person who used to either work at a fast food joint or a retail store got fired and now is out for revenge. Has a real big problem with blacks or other nationalities. Is in some sort of fantasy world about being a nurse and thinks they really make that much money.

I would at least make my self up as a Doctor they for sure make that and more.... And heaven for bid if she is a nurse and writes doctors orders up for patients... from looking at her spelling all I have to say is run patients run!!!! If you are still able after her taking care of you?

The ex needs to get custody of these kids and have her committed ASAP!!! Check out her complaints on walmart and restuarants. I just hope if I ever pass through PA. again I never have to be hospitalized if she is a nurse.

Talk about ONE FLEW OVER THE COOCOO'S NEST???? :zzz :upset


This is either a really funny story about democrats (her) vs republicans, or everything that is evil and wrong about our society. I'm hoping it's just a joke!


I hope this is complaint is a joke. You are a snooty, stuck up b****, they were giving away HAMBURGERS...Sounds like your husband is trying to feed your kid healthy meals. Your kids sound like they are incredibly spoiled, probably fat too


dude you are a *** ***, no wonder your husband left you, i hope your son rapes you in the ***