I have had enough. I will never go back to my local wendy's at the corner of A1A and Mayport road.

It is horrible. The food is horrible, the customer service is horrible, they are rude, and talk about cutomers in front of other customers. Since I moved to this area in july I go to that wendy's at least a few time every couple of weeks and they have never got my order right.

I usually go through the drive thru cause I have little ones and I don't always want to get them all out of the car, so everytime I go there I end up going back in the store to get them to fix my order. Horrible!!!

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Othello, Washington, United States #746666

Everyone makes mistakes, even you, just look at all the spelling and grammar mistakes you have made.

to mistakes #918389

It is a Internet post not a grammar quiz. Lighten up. Were you not able to understand the post?

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #746664

you must be a little on the slow side (as in the little bus)...cause you kept going back...and back.....and back....lol


If you checked your order before leaving the site, you wouldn't have to make another trip. Wouldn't it be easier to unload your kids and take them into the restaurant than to load them in the car to go, then unload them at home, then load them up again to go back to Wendy's, then when you get home unload the kids again?

Wouldn't it be healthier to feed your kids home prepared food, instead of fast food a few times every couple weeks. Fast food should be given as a special treat, maybe once a month if that often.

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