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Working at wendy's is the last thing you ever would want to do , eating from there is worse. the management team is very disrespectful and abusive mentally, you have to really be hating you're life to be working there.

I have worked for wendys for months and have experienced how food is prepared and observed the whole management team and employees. They are not bad people but the job has made them bad unfunctional good for nothing human beings as humans we are designed to create and make humanity a better place, this job is designed for high school students and should never be looked at as a career. The job gives you pains you never had in your life as soon as you go over 30 hours a week, physically and mentally it is a very demanding job for low pay, managers hire a lot full of people to cut the medical benefits and for them to make profits , they treat their employees like farmers and slaves and when they are actually nice to you , they are fake and put on a nice show and attitude to encourage for you to get their job done because without the worker theres no manager.

Wendys has gross food and its unsanitary. They order a ton of meat that they end up selling a day before expiration, they chicken is left in these pots that sit in there for more than half a hour, and so does the meat , the salads are left overs from the day before, the frosty and the tea is also left over and mixed with new mix to give it a fresh taste but you are still consuming old products and the list goes on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Manager.

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Sounds like you blame everyone for your miserable life or one of them young ones that thinks they don't have to work to get a pay check