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Allow me to enlighten you about fast food restaurants,if you want a good meal or as good as fast food gets order fresh everything,because if you happen to show up at the wrong time chances are your getting fresh nothing,especially in the evenings after dinner rush. The difference between a freshly cooked burger or chicken is I hope obvious,but like many places they need them in warmers for up to an hour,but wait to save money instead of throwing out what is now an old dried up piece of meat they change the time on the warmer for when to dispose of it,as though changing the time makes it fresh!!

*** stupid people. So I ask the managers all of them,would you eat that after it sat there for 4-6 hours? And they laugh and say of course not,so when I say but you e left my daughter mother or any customer to pay for a fresh meal and a piece of leather in a bun?? I mean it takes two minutes for a hamburger and 5 for chicken,but I’ll wait the 6 minutes for fresh food over dry food that costs the same.

They have policies but it’s like every manager is somewhat mentally handicapped and or they just don’t care. I promise you I will go to Wendy’s and ask for fresh meat every time,amd I will watch it come out of the grill or fryer before I eat any of it. I’m gonna stop now but seriously people ask for fresh food always,it’s not hard to tell,if you bite into a burger and it’s chewy it’s dry,if you bite into a crispy chicken sandwich and it’s not crispy ...... ummm yeah it’s not *** crispy!!

Store number 6851,and it’s in Medicine Hat Alberta in Canada. And they hire people all the way from the Filipinos as though there’s no unemployed locals that could use the hours,they take care of their Filipinos I’ll tell you this much,and it’s amazing to me how they go out of their way to *** u the customer so they can save the owner a penny!!

You deserve better and they could care less about you! Shall I go on ??

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Every fast food place are slow, more people eating out this generation. They all hire kids to work who really do not care if you got warm food or if you have to wait.

And they only hire a few to work which slows everything down. And with the response from Wendy's to the complaints, you can see Wendy's do not care either.

Get used to this new generation, or cook at home. A retired citizen.


It sounds like you would be better off going to a soup-kitchen or a free meal place where they have homeless people dishing out the food. I went to one such place and the food was terrible and tasted unfit to either man or beast.

A dog would have turned up it's nose at it.

But at least it was for free. Wendy's serves up gross stuff and they charge more for everything that their competitors McDonalds and Burger king do for equally as disgusting food.


My local Wnedy's is pathetic. When you go to order something you have to wait in line like a half hour behind a whole bunch of people that seem like they aren't moving.

They have one person ringing up orders that is really really slow and takes a really long time with each customer. I ordered my homestyle chicken sandwiches freshly made, but when I got them they tasted gross and were burned. They tasted and looked like someone grabbed some old homestyle chickens and recooked them. And the buns they put them on were stale, so I could only eat the chicken.

What a ripoff. And the inside of their store is all run down and icky with furnishings that are obviously from the early eighties and all the chairs and tables wobble. There icky stuff and a mess on all of the tables.

They need to hire two extra people: one to ring up orders on the other non-used register, and one person to go around and wipe up all the gross mess that their slob customers leave all over the place. I rate this "Restaurant" zero stars.

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