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This will be my 3rd and last time visiting Wendys in Holly Michigan. I've never been so embarrassed in my life.

A house full of people and we all wanted Wendys. Ive have bad food then wrong order from this franchise before. I though If I went inside it would be alright. The burgers were over done/dry and were not made to order.

I asked for onion, received no onion. My son asked for a plain burger with cheese, it was loaded and dry. The chili my mother ordered was nothing but watered down meat and green peppers. The chili was so bad we couldn't even doctor it up at home, it went into the trash.

I was told the last time our French fries were all greasy and cold/ just like a blob of potatoes, that I would be compensated because of this problem. Nobody left a message about it. NO MORE WENDYS for my family. The man down the hall saw me returning from Wendys and said OH NO don't ever eat there you will get sick.

He had food poisoning from the same Wendys in Holly Mi. You definitely need to look into hiring someone that knows how to handle food and handle the employees or train them properly.

This is unacceptable. Several people have contacted the FDA about this matter.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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If you have a houseful of people, make your own food then you'll get what you want.

We think Wendy's does a good job for what they are.


good stop feeding your children that *** anyways.

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