Bowling Green, Kentucky
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Tonight was the third time in a couple of months that we went thru the take out line and either didn't get what we ordered or didn't get part of our order. I realize the bunch working the windows are most likely not valedictorians of their class, but this is not nuclear physics either.

Also, what vice-president took on the decision to add more beans to the chili and take the sweetness out of it? He/she should be fired. I've been eating Wendy's Chili since 1981. It WAS excellent, but now it is nowhere near that product.

Tonight was my last time at any Wendy's. Too bad Dave isn't still alive.

He wouldn't be happy with what the bean counters have done to his business. I know no one from Wendy's Corporate will see this, but Wendy's lost a good, loyal customer this evening.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Rich And Meaty Chili Main Course.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Wendys Cons: Chili, Order wasnt correct.

  • drive through service
  • Wendys Chili Too Many Beans
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You know no one from corporate will see this, but your still complaining? So what, you just wanted to insult the intelligence of the people working? Pathetic, get a life bud


LOL, you are telling them to get a life for writing a post on the internet THAT YOU ARE RESPONDING TO! Do you not see the irony there?!


you're eating at Wendys, chill. no puns intended.