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Wendys managers in greenville alabama is something else Mr. Lee shows favortism towards employees he give promises to new employees that they will get 40 to 38 hrs a week by taking the old employees hours he cuts people hours that have docotor excuses because his comment was that employees that have excuses still come to work but why would u want a sick employee to come to work and get others sick also and especially around food that really shows me that he really dont care about employees nor costumers being sick and by the way a virus is highly contagious me and my kids had it and i was not about to infect other peoples kids at daycare Mr Lee is abusing his authority that was giving to him i am a wendys employee but after this i might not be but its not right that just bc youre a manager at twenty five doesnt give u the right to disrespect youre employees are try to hurt people by cutting there hours the last girl Breashia Mcall was a old wendys employee but they picked on her and pushed her out the door by giving her one day a week and just bc her shirt wasnt tucked in th3y would send her home are bc they put her in one spot and another manager put her somewhere else they sent her home bc shes not in the right spot lack of communication on they part with each other and one manager pushed her and did Mr Lee do anything about it no!!! The store isnt always up to par unless they get the heads up that company is coming then its clean Mr Lee and also a the assistant manager is tit for tat whoever ome dont like the other dont without getting to no people are is really to me something personal

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I had worked for a wendys I don't any more had a eye infection my GM wanted me to come in like that I had to stay home a week and took some meds for it that's what the eye doctor told me to do I had a note and everything when I went back to work the next week he did it say anything cause I had a note from the doctor and then the GM kept saying I could of came in that the doctor was wrong worked with some dumb people there my eye was full of blood to had pictures to prove it if I had to show them

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