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My name is Wallace Lee and im an ex employee at Wendys the store that was located on main st in Gainesville,Florida..My complaint does not include all mangers that was and maybe still employed by Wendys.However I have had difficulties receiving payment for work that I earned being an employee. I still have clock in and out sheets to prove to you guys of my work..I have tried several times to contact Wendys mangers to see how could I recieve payment to only be giving the run around..Im honestly not trying to give anyone a hard time I only want what I worked hard for..Im very disappointed about the way that im being treated I feel that its very unprofessional for an employee to go unpaid for work he/her has done..Could someone please give me a call at 904 365 0673 to resolve this matter please.Again I only want what I worked for please..Please call between the hours of 8:00a.m 5:00p.m..thanks alot...sincerely Wallace Lee

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Send them a certified letter. Pay for slip they sign to be returned to you so you know they got it.

Make a copy..give them copy/you keep original. Also send copies of proof that you worked. Verbal means nothing legally. It MUST be in writing.

Trll them you are looking to resolve this issue promptly and you are trying to avoid legal action. Im ceryain you will recieve a check in the mail a few weeks later.