My wife and I went to the drive through at wendy's 292 locataed at 701 E. North, Rapid City, SD. The frostie I ordered had icecream on the outside of the cup, so rather then get it on my car I sat there with a napkin and wipped it off. The employee through the window open and yelled "is there a problem" I just sat there stunned and responded "No, just cleaning the icecream off of my cup," he then slamned the window and I left. I have eataen at the one in Gillette, WY and have never had this problem, but Rapid City seems to have an attitute problem.

Ken Giesbrecht

(605) 393-8522

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There is no way this complaint can be correct.It is common knowledge that the Wendys on East North Street in Rapid City is the finest dining establishment in the upper midwest.

It is my understanding that all employees must have at least a masters degree to even be considered for employ there.I have found most employees to speak in a proper british accent & engage in enthralling subjects such as politics & the current trade deficit.


If things did happen exactly as you described, you should have jumped the dudes *** right back instead of dismissing the problem his attitude.The real problem is that some customers don't like confrontation so they instead choose to cow down to a clown working at Wendy's then later complain about it in the wrong places.

Next time, go park your car..

walk inside where everyone can hear your confrontation..You scold his *** loud enough, he'll be correcting his behavior quickly


grow up, its a frostie!Why did u post your phone number?

Do u think wendys is gonna call u and offer money?I guarantee u will get lots of prank calls


You said "no there is no problem" so why are you passive-aggressive by whining on this website? I doubt he SLAMMED the window - those windows just shut that way.....besides, he is probably a high school dropout, what was you expecting at the drive thru?

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