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Wendys in Brooklyn, NY at Bay Parkway. Yes, just another Wendy's staffed by workers who don't listen and just don't care.

There is nothing worse that getting all the way home with your food and then realizing that they screwed it up again.

I ordered 2 homestyle chicken sandwiches with pickles ONLY. The girl at the window REPEATED to me PICKLES ONLY? and I said yes, nothing but pickles. Of course, I get home and I have a whole salad on top of my chicken.

My kids ate their nuggets and fries and I blew 22 dollars on food I couldn't eat. Do they hire *** people on purpose, or was it just spiteful?

Do they laugh at you when you leave without checking every wrapper because they know that they screwed you again?

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It sounds like you got a sandwich made for someone else & packed in with your order incorrectly!

And what did you order worth $22.

that YOU couldn't eat?

I think you are making a mountain out of a molehill. Sorry!


It doesn't matter that he could remove the "salad" from the sandwich, he ordered it with pickles only, that's how it should have been. I find most people working in fast food hate their jobs so much that they just don't care if they mess up the food or anger guests, it just doesn't matter to them.


Yes they laugh.. so I've seen, these are people with no ambition to go far in life so you can't expect much.

Throwing salad on your chicken tickles they're dead brain cells..

Next time walk in and scrape the salad onto the counter by the cash register.. Smile, and walk out.


Did you consider removing everything but the pickles from your "salad on top"? Seems like an easy fix to me, nothing worth complaining about.

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