Houston, Texas
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I went to the drive thru in south philly Wendy's and had a terrible experience. They made me wait 15 mins or more, then served RAW CHICKEN NUGGETS, ice cold uncooked, and put my chili in the bag sideways open.

When I picked up the bag the whole chili spilled all over my new car seats, floor, clothes and shoes!!!!The date was June 18th, 2011. The place was Wendy's on DElaware Ave in South Philly.

Additionally there were 2 employees sitting outside the fast food chain just goofing off with some friends. They left only ONE tiny girl inside to run from window to window, cashiering and gathering the food.

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Wendys never makes me wait, all of the food was cooked a few hours earlier, so it's always ready. It my not be soft, it may not be hot, but you can always count on it being gross, and the kids like to play road hockey with the burgers.

They don't care if your chili spills inside the bag, and same thing applies for the cheese sauce for the potatoe, they don't care, and i think it's a game to see how many people will just accept a bag full of chili and cheese sauce spilled all over everything else. Post your complaints here and make sure ALL your friends see your thoughts on your facebook wall, wendy's really hates that when they get bad mouthed on facebook, because it scares them, and can go VIRAL in a matter of seconds, definitely impacting their bottom line.