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I went to get the new Summer berry salad at Wendy's.The commercial showed a large plentiful salad with many berries. Looked great. However that is not what I received. The salad I purchased at Wendy's was small even though I asked for full size. The lettuce was wilted and slightly brown. There were 3 blackberries and 1 strawberry that was chopped up. Part of the strawberry was brown. The chicken breast was 2x3 inches and dry. I had to throw away...
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Ordered inside the restaurant a large Summer Berry Chicken Salad and a medium drink. Waited 20 minutes while they served the drive-up window non-stop. After 20 minutes, we finally asked why we weren't being served and got excuses. there were at least 20 people waiting for food they had ordered by this time. Finally got the salad and left. When I opened the salad it was much smaller than I had seen in the ad and there were only 2...
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I didn't like
  • Slow service and bad food
  • Disorganized
I got the large salad after seeing the TV ads and seeing the picture on the drive thru advertisement. You salad is totally misrepresented and I am telling my friends and relatives to skip it, Shame on you. I got two blackberrys on a large salad, nothing like your ads. I bought the salad on the way home on FM529 at Barker Cypress in Houston, Texas. I was so disappointed in it, it was not only not very large but the lack of fruit made it a plan...
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