Tampa, Florida
Not resolved

I was siting in my car useing wendys wifi on my phone to look for a job. Then some skinny little manager punk with glasses came out and told me that i need to move my car.

I said y? Im not bothering anyone, im just useing your wifi. He then told me to move on to the other side to use it. (Meaning he dont want me in the spot i was parked) i told him that there was no signal where he told me to go.

The then told me to move or the cops will come to remove me. I said even though i buy food here 3 times a day as a costumer? He said yes.Thats when i got mad and told him this.... Y?

Im not bothering you, im homeless looking for a job dude y cant you just leave me be? Then he started yelling and i started yelling.

To say the least wendys has lost me as a costomer, bk is cheaper. Fix your *** leadership.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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