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The Wendys in Durham,NC of Miami blvd. is super ghetto, all the employees talks with ebonics instead of being professional.

The woman who is one of the managers has a very nasty attitude. I think her name is Edwina. anyway with a name like that I would have a nasty attitude also. These folks suck their teeth and put their hand on there hip when someone isn't ready to order, not to mention the chick at the front taking orders on her cell phone and smacking her bubble gum...

Eww just ewww..... I do not recommend coming to this wendys at all.

Very GHETTO and ALL who work in it are GHETTO!!!! What happened to friendly customer service, not sucking you teeth or having your hand on your hip.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: get rid of all employees and managers that dont take their job seriously and get A NEW CREW.

Wendys Cons: Totaly incompitence and rudeness, Customer service, No management reply, Dirty place to eat, Bad food.

  • Poor management skills
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A very nasty place to eat don't go there rude an nasty acting people work there nothing like Getto just don't want to say what it like to me might get shot .