I went to Wendy's recently and stood waiting for the restroom. I look over and the security guard is just looking at me kinda mad dogging,however he turned back around so I'm thinking.."oh ok just trippin out he's not lookin at me" so finally the guy in there comes out abd held the door open4me while i went in to use it.

Im in there long enough to get to the toilet and...well..use the restroom.out of nowhere the door springs open.in comes the overly keen eyed security guard.i swing around and say the Obvious. Dude WTF Are u doin in here!?he the replies.."i watched you and you haven't bought anything..and this r.r. is for customers only..but i guess you can go Ahead and use it..just hurry..i did u watched me knowing I'm not a customer and let me come in here..just so u can bust in with the key mind you since it didn't lock from the inside..he said well i catch a lot of people in here doin what they shouldn't so i had to make sure..wtf!? Dude get out of here!

Long story short we almost fight bcuz i call him a f, molester *** lol and ppl were laughing stop he's embarrassed.pick up a chair and acts like he's goin2 throw it at me!! I say Dude i wish u freakin would.he s screaming at me tip leave.finally the manager comes behind me sayin what's goin ob..i till hey he walked in on me on purpose then has the audacity to be mad at me for being mad?and wants to fight me Wtf!?she says oh..u guys cool out abd let it go. .are u kidding me.u have nothin to say to him?she said to sit down after i said that. .i finally just leave like u guys are the most retarded bunch ogf rejects ever..funny thing is i only was gonna use the bath room bcuz i was gonna use it then wash my hands for once i order and sit down yup eat.

Can u believe that ***?

And i swear to God this is a true story!!! Never goin back in my life!!!

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