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I went to Wendy's in Munhall Homestead PA I went in to order my food I waited 15 minutes in line the cashier wasn't too happy about her job she was making sandwiches for Frontline 2 plus being a cashier only trouble I have with her she did not wash her hands first before she put the gloves on then she put the meat on the Buns and with her left hand she touch the top of the meat with the glove which is not good when she had her clothes on when she was handling the money Lynn she took her gloves off and she put new gloves on but she did not wash her hands first that is against the Health Board n when that person was getting my drinks he was putting his hand and the cup in the ice instead of using the ice scooper there was no salt on my fries at all the hampers War warm. And sometimes when I go to this Wendy's after 10 o'clock p.m.

to order something on pick up like a breaded chicken they always tell me that the chicken is fresh but I can tell when the Friars the change and I could tell X looking at the chicken is double-dipped sometimes at night reason the chicken is cold the time because the breaded chicken is only good for one hour after 1 hour your supposed to so the chicken away at this Wendy's you need to pay more attention to the customers on front. PS when I was on front line waiting for my food 4 people from pickup came in and had complaints then when I went to my car another person from pickup pulled on the side of my car and she had a complaint to I told her what to look forward to.

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