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Okay I did arrive one minute after 1 AM just as they closed for good, but all I wanted was some fries and a drink. I didn't see anything wrong with them serving one more customer one more minute longer(I was the only customer there).

Well they refused and said that they could not serve anymore customers. I could see over the drive up lady into the kitchen and they still had food there they hadn't thrown away yet. They could have easily have given me some. I was paying them for crying out loud.

I even offered an extra tip to all of the workers to do it.

I finally just had enough and demanded a manager who threatened to call the police on me. I mean good grief!

Review about: Wendys Manager.

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*** grow the *** up


Is this really a complaint? God you are an ***.

Its people like you I wanna punch in the face. Ive been reading all your other "racist" complaints and you make me sick. Whether you are trolling this site or not, you're making yourself look like a complete and udder ***.

I'm not racist AT ALL, but you seriously give black people a bad name. Get a f'ing life for godsakes and get your dumba** off the computer.


As a restaurant manager myself i can say once a restaurant is closed. ..doors locked and drive through Windows closed and locked...

they can not be opened for anyone or anything... it is a safety policy! And they can lose their jobs!

If they open it.

Bayshore, North Carolina, United States #761467

Closed means closed

They have set hours

And they have a certain amount of time to be allowed for cleaning and leaving the building


Maybe you should go earlier and stop complaining about not getting served after closing.


They didn't refuse you ***. They were closed. God you people think everyone owes you something stop complaining you probably didn't need Wendy's at one in the morning.


They didn't refuse. They were closed.

to Anonymous #735460

Yey and I bet if I was a white person they would have gone ahead and served me. You know *** well they would have.

to blackdontcrack #851843

Uhh, no they wouldn't because fastfood employees are generally blacks and hispanics. So shut the F up crackhead.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #735453

They close at one. What partdoyou not understand

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