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Earlier tonight, my husband and I were leaving an event we were attending at around 12 AM and were hungry. We decided to stop at the local Wendys for a *** to eat.

It was around 12:40 when we got there, so they were due to be open for 20 more minutes. We sat there at the drive thru forever before my husband finally said something into the intercom to try to get their attention. He alerted them again and still no response. We drove around to the drive thru and no one was there at all.

As we kept going we noticed all of the employees were in the dining area eating. I urged my husband to go knock on the door but he decided to go on.

Apparently this "open until 1 AM" doesn't happen at this location even though it advertises it on the windows. I will be getting the number to their head office online and contacting them about this incident.

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I just now had an experience where I went to a Wendy's in FL and they USED to have advertised on their sign "opened until 1am" but now it's gone. There are people inside still working but my question is has there been some change to their "open until 1am" rule?


well it looks like MrLea was finally smart enough to check the history on the computer. well MrsLea, it looks like you're no longer MrsLea and you can't use your husbands position to boss people around.


She is offended by one typo. However you should see her typos.

She forgets periods and capital reviews.

She has no right to judge us. Also it is obvious that Mad Michael and anonymous are close friends of hers.


Lol this lady is either sicker then i thought or really too far gone for help.just because of one typo you get offened?well i hope for your "husbands" sake that your not this demented and so unhappy that you have to complain like six year old that you dont get what you think is owed to you.what makes you think its owed? Like everyone else you have to earn it.

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It is okay Mr. Lea.

Your wife already found someone else. Someone who goes by the username anonymous who does not know that there are English spelling and US spellings for a few words.

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My husband is not a janitor. Where do you keep getting this from?


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IHateStupidCustomers, I changed my username back because people kept copying it and using it to try to pretend to be me.


This lady needs her meds!

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wow, look at MrsLea01 now. not only does she keep changing her username and location, she's having a conversation with herself.

to anyone that reads this story..

the point of the story is that Lea is a dumb b**ch that can't get her stories straight. my only guess is that she's a lonely woman starving for attention.

and she was starving for Wendy's biggest burger at 4 in the morning but mistook 4am for 1am because she was still doped up from all of the drugs that she took and smoked earlier that night. then she thought the crows and pigeons eating crumbs in the parking lot were the employees inside of Wendy's.


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Shut up Ethan. I forgot to set my clock ahead one hour because of daylight savings time but because i didnt get my newspaper about that change until today that shouldnt be my fault.

they should have served me my food even though it was technically after 1 am.

I told my husband that if he didn't go in that I was not going to *** with him tonight.

He said that he didn't care either way. Now I'm looking to get my husband fired from his job at Walmart so I'm making up stories and trying to get him fired.


Too bad that your husband is not a Janitor at Wendy's headquarters. He could have fired them.

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