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Earlier tonight, my husband and I were leaving an event we were attending at around 12 AM and were hungry.We decided to stop at the local Wendys for a *** to eat.

It was around 12:40 when we got there, so they were due to be open for 20 more minutes. We sat there at the drive thru forever before my husband finally said something into the intercom to try to get their attention. He alerted them again and still no response. We drove around to the drive thru and no one was there at all.

As we kept going we noticed all of the employees were in the dining area eating. I urged my husband to go knock on the door but he decided to go on.

Apparently this "open until 1 AM" doesn't happen at this location even though it advertises it on the windows.I will be getting the number to their head office online and contacting them about this incident.

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I just now had an experience where I went to a Wendy's in FL and they USED to have advertised on their sign "opened until 1am" but now it's gone. There are people inside still working but my question is has there been some change to their "open until 1am" rule?


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