Goddard, Kansas
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the wendys at 2504.s.seneca has some of the most *** customer service i have ever seen

we went their around 745 pm on 12/22/2010 and ordered 5 double stacks

we went thru the drive thru

all of them we got where room temp

i turned around and went in with them

i asked to talk to the manager

she made them again and the little black haired girl running the drive thru kept staring me down when the older african american manager told her to hurry up and make more fries

she put the food in the bag and sent us on our way

trouble is their where 4 of the 5 double stacks in the bag

and she did not give me my recipt back

so when i went back they told me they could`nt help me

and said have a good day as i left the store

i thought it was total bs and i will never go back their

wendys ain`t like it used to be back in the days

p.s if you have a problem with this certin store the phone number is 1-316-265-8377

their corperate number is 1-614-764-3100 ext 2032

i just wanted hot food in the quanity i ordered it in,not a stardown and deception of takeing my recept and feeling i was screwed over by a bunch of teenagers and a manager who did`nt really care as long as corperate was`nt called

calling corperate WILL make things better,after all it`s the shareholders money and they DO care

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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1. What does anybodies race have anything to do with anything?

Get over yourself and welcome to the 21st century.

2. You ordered 5 double stacks during a time they probably weren't busy with orders but busy with other stuff. Of course you're going to get the evil eye here and there.

3. I repeat you ordered 5 double stacks.

More than likely at the time the grill operator only had 5 junior patties ready to serve. So the sandwich maker probably went ahead and made 2 double stacks while waiting on the rest of the meat.

You probably drove 10 miles to discover the expected reality of waiting to eat your food and made the *** decision to return and leave without even checking the food. All this could have been avoided had you just went inside and requested everything to be fresh...or better yet you could have just saved money and made food at home.


Yeah, they kept my receipt too!

And they gave me 6 double stackers instead of the 5 i ordered.

I got yours my mistake, so *** get it anytime


Apparently in Seneca, there is not only poor customer service but poor grammar and sentence structure. I would imagine the bad customer service is a manifestation of poor communication by the customers.

In the first post, Bobby mentions he ordered 5 double stacks and when his order was prepared the second time he got 4. After reading his post, I would say any number over 2 would probably confuse our friend Bobby. Second, our wonderful customer Annabelle writes something that could only be explained by saying a dog was allowed to tap dance on a keyboard. Annabelle, not only is your spelling horrible, but your ability to write a clear concise sentence could best be summed up as first grade reading level.

I have only one question.

What were you trying to say about them speaking Spanish? Do you want them to Spanish?


i was looking thru this site and see they took your recept too to in wich deny you of service opon return...i think this is better busness for the better busness organization because i have had a same problem with the black lady at nightime their

and no one speaks spanish their or does in fact refuse to speak spanish on to me

this is *** :cry