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I went to Wendys in Chesapeake, Va at Sams Circle and the employees including the management are all black and they just dont like any white customers. First our frys were cold, and not fresh.

We had to wait 10 mins for fresh hot frys. They had the A/C blowing really cold inside the restaurant. For dinner time they were not busy at all. They had the TV so loud that we could not hear ourselves talking and we were trying to conduct business on the phone and had to make sure that everything was ok at the house since we had an ill relative at home.

There was this white girl with this black guy at a table fighting about something and didn't want everyone to hear what they were fighting about and thats why the TV was blasting. We told the management about xtreme how loud the TV was and we were told theres nothing they can do about it. So I turned it off. This white trash girl started to curse me out in front of everyone that was there.

I told the manager or so called crew leader that I wasn't going to put up with that curse and abuse language from anybody. They said they can not do anything about it. Next thing I know the police are called asking for us to leave because the so called manager didn't like us complaining about being cursed out. All of this is on video tape.

I video taped the entire incident on my smartphone. The police thought this was totally *** on the management part and thought it was a waste of their time to even deal with this. Warning if you are white, I suggest not going to this Wendys in Chesapeake, Va at Sams Circle. You with be treated with no respect.

Also the tea was empty for at least a half hour I asked them to refill the tea and they never did.

I will never go to Wendys ever again. They will never get another dollar from me again ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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First of all how do you know they don't like white people? Did they treat the other white person the same way?

Second it is not your tv and its Wendys TV so you shouldn't have touched it. Third of all what business of yours is it what the white chick and black guy were talking about?

Fourth why would you leave your ill relative at home with someone else if you care so much about them? I think this whole post is that you don't like black people!