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Every couple of years Wendys tries a totally different ad campaign and it doesn't help sales. The management of Wendys just doesn't get it.

(1) The service is appallingly slow, every Wendys I've ever been to. Wendys has to figure out why it takes 2 or 3 times as long to get your foot at Wendys as compared with any other fast food restaurants. (2) The prices are the same as full service restaurants. I can get a great burger and fries at lots of fine restaurants and Irish pubs for the same price as a full meal at Wendys.

If you're going to charge me the same price as an Irish pub or Applebys or Friendys, etc., why wouldn't I go to one them instead of Wendys? (3) They're seedy and the atmosphere is awful. True there are seedy MCds and BKs too, but there are also lots of them that are like little cafes or Starbucks. Some have beautiful decorations or play soothing music like jazz or Sinatra.

Lots of different options for atmosphere at McDs branches. Wendys has only one atmosphere -- seedy, depressing.

I personally never go to Wendys unless forced to by my friends. It just has no niche.

Lousy atmosphere, appallingly awful service, and prices that put it in the range of a full service restaurant. "Rebranding" the food isn't going to change any of that.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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You must care an awful lot about Wendys to bother making a complaint about it online. If you did not care you simply would not go there and you certainly would not complain about it online. I think deep down inside you love Wendys.