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on august 31,2012 i got a call from the derry, Nh wendy's general manager mrs.Baker who conducted an interview over the telephone after around 18 min she told me that i would make a good employee and to come in on tuesday September 4,2012 for a second interview and to bring my documents required for employment, after all i have worked in restaurants including most of the fast food places as mid to upper level management for over 25 years,on September 4th 2012 i went to the restaurant and met with the general manager mrs. Baker she saw that i have a prosthetic left hand she told me that because i had a severe disability she could not hire me because it would be considered a liability because of the prosthetic arm and hand, that really hurt me i lost my hand in war, and have worked in restaurants for over 2 1/2 decades, she also stated that it would be considered a health violation to hire someone with a fake limb, i was ever so pissed, how can the wendy's corporation allow a manager who pulls illegal acts such as the one against me, she should lose her job, it is so mean, i have more than enough qualifications for the late night cook position,even with the prosthetic i excel in every job i do, people who want to make a stand need to boycott wendy's Restaurant

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Northwood, New Hampshire, United States #811573

if the wendys restaurant does not discriminate why did they settle the discrimination case for not hiring me the amputee on april 28,2014 even before the human rights investigator issued her finding of probable cause that the discrimination happened which was issued on may2, 2014 the settlement is not supposed to be mentioned but they made there bed now they can deal with it being made the public the check for the settlement for me was $ 466,275.00 and they also had to paymy lawyer his fees of$ 155,425.00 so for some place that did no wrong they paid a good deal of money to settle haha derry, NH wendy's i guess your prices will double or even triple to recoup the lawsuit loss. :grin :p :grin

Richardson, Texas, United States #801989

Mr. White you are a B-I-T-C-H.How about that.


That's not true stop reading this and feeling bad my dad works with mrs baker and she never did this he doesn't even have a prostedic hand he is was not fit for job and has made up numerous stories that she said he was too fat and a lot of other *** your not gonna bad mouth the restaurant that my father works 24 hours maintaining because you some sad pethic lunatic :(

to Truth exposer Northwood, New Hampshire, United States #585431

hey truth exposer this is the truth mrs.baker refused to hire me because of the prosthetic and i have more qualifications than you will ever have i doubt i am fat i am 5'11'' 165 lbs you little ***,wendys and mrs baker are in deep *** for there discrimination

to Truth exposer Northwood, New Hampshire, United States #585581

truth exposer your a liar and can not spell you do not know what happened or happens in the restaurant as you are not employed,you are maybe a 12 tear old kid that should mind there own god d-a-mn business,Mrs baker has discriminated against more than one person with disabilities


the same wendys refused to hire a family member of mine who has a severe walking disability,shut the place down :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


contact disability attorney.


I am the mother of a teenager who recently chose Wendy's, as her first place of employment. My daughter is a very easy going person that is a full time student and cares about the people with whom she comes in contact with.

She was excited about her job in the beginning, starting her life as an independent person wanting to create her own way. She has only been employed by Wendy's for 3 months.

I had my husband go get her and told him to tell her to leave the uniform because I didn't want to hear another word about the place. She said on her first day the manager put her on the register and showed her a few things. She said the next day they put her on the register again, and no one stayed near her while she was supposed to be in training.

She would come home complaining about how they were getting mad at her for calling them to help her out when she said that she needed assistance. She said that other crew members were shouting out to her about being slow and not knowing what she was doing. She said that she practically trained herself. Well, about two weeks into the job, the manager who she said stayed in her office smoking told her one evening that her register was short $28.00.

She said that she told her well, other people are using this register too. So, she didn't charge her for the lost. Then on another occasion, she came home saying that the manager held a meeting saying that the inventory was between $400 and $500.00 short. Well she said that she told them, that she didn't have anything to do with it she just started.

This was the final straw that broke the camel's back with me. She called when her shift was over which I thought she was calling for us to pick her up from work, instead she said that she was in trouble because her register was $60.00 short. She mentioned that a manager went into her register during her shift and she assured me that she was careful while operating it. She told me how they threatened her with the police, as she maintained her innocence.

Well, I explained this to my husband who was furious by this time. So, he went and paid them the $60.00 to clear up the mess. This experience has kind of shaken our daughter's spirit a little bit because she feels like an escape goat for the mischievousness that is taking place in that store. We wanted her to find a job so that she can become aware of what the work world is like.

If she has to be treated like such a criminal, when the authority figures are not doing their jobs, I'll just keep giving her an allowance for not washing dishes.

At least I know that she won't be accused of things that I feel she is not capable of. I just feel sorry for the next young adult who will be excited about Wendy's being their first job and have to deal with that crew over there on Crystal Ave in Derry, New Hampshire

First Born Triplet
to Angry Mom Markham, Ontario, Canada #802335

I know you want to believe and trust in your daughter, but face the facts the money was stolen three times when she was at the register. The problem started when she worked there.

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