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I currently work at wendys and my co workers always on their phones and not soing their jobs secondly the other day i asked one of my managers if i can use the bathroom and they go I'm not in charge tonight. here im fighting a uti and i have to pee a lot and they have no respect at all and i want something sone about this.

they are rude they are immature co workers and not to mention the managers always playing with his phone while he's working. i take my job seriously and these peoples nees to learn how to so there jobs unstead of messing with there phones while on clock.

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Dude, it's a minimum wage fast food job. Of course nobody cares. It's not grade school, you don't need permission to use the *** toilet.

Eglin Afb, Florida, United States #869869

I would like you to do something for me. First, I need you to locate the nearest Scrabble set, get all the pieces with letters on them, & eat them all.

Now find the most powerful laxative that you can & consume the entire package.

After the laxatives kick into high gear & the letters you previous had eaten are now floating in the bowl, post what they say.

Because that will probably make much more sense than anything you would say intentionally.


Not to mention eating fries off the fry warmer

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