Grove City, Ohio
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I am so disappointed in Wendys. My children and I eat there all the time and every now and then there will definately be a mistake..its just human nature.

However, about a month ago my kids and I went to the Wendys at Georgesville Square and I-270. I ordered a broccoli and cheese baked potato, a mid-size blt cobb salad and my kids both got chicken nugget kids meals. I never received a receipt for my meal but I glanced in the bag to make sure everyone had everything and it SEEMED correct. However, when I got home we discovered that both kids meals only had 3 chicken nuggets a piece, that my ranch dressing for my salad wasnt actually dressing at all it was the chicken nugget dipping sauce.

Also the chicken on my salad was cold and my broccoli and cheese potato was a bacon and cheese potato. I immediately looked up the number and called to speak to a manager. I informed him that this was a huge error and that nothing that we ordered was correct. He proceeded to tell me that it cannot be help because the "sandwich makers have it hard enough trying to speak english let alone read it from a screen".

This is absolutely appalling! I have never been so upset in my life....I have yet to be back to that Wendys and if that is how they are now running their business then people need to start going elsewhere.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Thanks for your reply loser. I my kids just confessed they at the extra chicken nuggets and lied to me making me believe they only got three.

They wanted to try the ranch dressing instead of nugget sauce so they did not want me to get angry so they flushed the package for ranch dressing down the toilet. However the other mistakes were their fault.


You have never been so upset in your life? Your life must really suck.

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