Bremerton, Washington
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I went to Wendy's in Silverdale, WA around 6 30, and pull up through the the drive thru with a few cars in front of me, and the employee who was a redhead didnt acknowledge or even have the decency to let me know they were closed. All I wanted was a *** FROSTY!

!!! Like really, below average customer service, and it's sad as many years as I have came to this Wendy's , I never will give them my business ever again. Smfh , butch could have came on the speaker to let me know . Instead, she turns the light off knowing *** well my I had pulled up before then.

Do not come to this wendys in Silverdale, they don't appreciate customer loyalty.

They dont even card about customer service to begin with. Zero stars, I hope yall run out of business !!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wait - you are upset because you didn't get service from a store that was closed on Christmas day? ***. What a bunch of entitled *** our society has become.


BOO HOO!!!!! Get over it little baby!