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We first arrived to find 5 tables a huge mess not cleaned up and chairs scattered all over restrestaurant. Then we order.

My son ordered a cheese burger and when we got it. It was a bun with just ketchup!! No meat no cheese!!! I asked what happened?

Who forgetd meat on a burger? She said sorry then they opened the bun n tossed on a patty and a piece of cheese n closed it back up. :/ i was mad. N walked away in silence.

And then every single fry we ordered tasted like they were basted in salt!!! So then my nephew opened his burger and found a dead fly!!! On his burger! I was so mad.

They gave us a new burger n said sorry. AND THEN!!! My brother in law opened his pretzel burger. And his bun was still frozen in the center!

We were fed up. Went n complained n they gave us 3 dollar value menu items free. ? Like really no sincere apology?

No explanation nothing! Just sorry here have this have a good day. ?

Ill never go back there again. Ever

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Burger.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I'm calling *** on this complaint. Noone has that many issues in one order unless you're just looking to hear yourself talk.

PLUS they discontinued the pretzel buns PLUS they're toasted so how would it be frozen?