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The recent change by WENDYS to their burger recipe and construction is a bad move. Their burgers used to be out of this world, now they are too buttery and the burgers are too thick, they by their own hand just spoiled the whole experience.

I wish we could go back to the old burgers they were so much better than they are now. We never go to WENDYS now, we used to go every week but we have not been in over 5 months due to this change! The TV adds just make me mad with that overweight red head mouthing off, shes the one that probably OK'd the change!

Never mess with a good thing. Now they are not "old fashioned hambugers" they are new and real bad!

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Yup we agree. All the Wendy's burgers are horrible now, Noway "old fashioned" now they're a corporate idea of what a modern burger is...yuk, back to BK for us since the change! Fredo.


I thought it was only 1 burger on the menu they changed to the buttered bun and new pickle? Did they change ALL the burgers?

Yeah, and have seen "the" woman, Wendy Thomas, a couple times on tv, but it is a young, attractive redhead model I see constantly doing their commercials. She's as annoying as Flo.

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I think he alluded to her being Wendy when he said she sign off on the changes. And the truth is that she is can't deny that.

Truth is truth and free speech is what this country is built on. By the way the new burgers are horrible now.

Our office of 43 voted them least of all burgers. BK were #1 5Gs #2 MD #3.


You do realize that that "overweight" redhead IS Wendy, right? And if you've ever seen her when she was 10 years might see that they drew her way prettier than she actually in all seriousness, that IS Wendy in those commercials.

smart guy

You all need to get a life. You are eating mashed up cows that were given hormones and fed dead chickens. Do some research.


I completely agree.... the new pickles they use don't taste right ..

more like some sort of sweet pickle. The new packaging not only allows the burgers to cool off much faster, but if you have more than 1-2 in the bag, they come unwrapped if not put in those silly little half carton things.

All in all my several times a week has dropped to once every 2-3 months since the changes and PRICE INCREASES. Wendys-0, BK-1


Completely agree with majoritch until the wendy spokesmodel comments. Please know before this change i ate at wendys nearly 5 out of 7 days a week for lunch,,,, at least.

Their new overall flavor has a hint of cardboard to it somehow imo. The pickles are disgusting and im being kind. The red onion vs the white is apples to oranges imo. And the beef, thicker yes, but tasteless and unbelievably greasy.

Every time ive forced myself to give them another try in my car, i run the risk of ruining pants, seat covers etc. Chili remains fantastic imo. Thats me stepping off my soap box.

Used to love them, ive been back maybe 5 times in a year now. Financial suicide in my opinion.


I thought "personal" attacks were suppose to be deleted. What do you call the remark about the redhead?

Hey, I liked their burgers when they made them as ordered.

But I don't go the Wendys anymore because almost every time I went, they either added or didn't put on one the vegetables or cheese that was ordered or cut. Too bad you can't add a picture of yourself so we could add a comment about your looks


Their burgers are geat. I have no idea of what you are complaining about.

Get real and get a life and maybe some new taste buds. :cry


Each to their own opinion. I have had a few young men tell me they think the redhead is "hot." She probably isn't as overweight as the cameras make her look. Just because you don't like their burgers doesn't mean you should be so judgmental.

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