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U ordered 2 baconators in 1/23/15 @ 10:08 pm thru the drive thru. When I got home, I found mounds of mayo(disgusting) the burgers where cold ad well as the fries.

I attempted to call 3 times to no avail. No one answered!

I want my money back!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have a question but it isn't about your food! I would like too no why,when your dinning room closes at 10,that the manager can open the dinning room for a bus of kids from out of state but the people that live here are told that they are closed inside but we can come in the drive thru .and another thing several of the kids that were working this night last week were scheduled to get off at a certified time but because this new manager let this bus come in some of there parents,rides,etc.

Were expected to sit out there and wait. You there is always a lot of drama in small towns and I can tell u that one of our McDonald's has some major drama but I have never hears of a restaurant ever doing this for one and not the other I think it was a bad management decision on this new managers part and I dont eat there very often but I can tell you that would of never happened if john was still guys are going to loose your local business if that keeps happening