Wendys Baconator Sandwich Reviews

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Advertised vs Delivered
Price Affordability
Value for money
The Baconator you show in your tv add, stuffed with bacon is a misrepresentation of the tiny little burger with two slices of poorly cooked bacon. Your deception is unacceptable, your just another lier in the greedy corporate world. I hate liers, especially a corporation that plays a bait(your commercial) and switch(your actual disgusting product) game to line your filthy pockets. I will never step foot in you business again and will tell...
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I didn't like
  • Poor food quality
If that wasn't disappointing enough, and I will not go into what I thought of the staff, the product served, (Baconator with fries) might have been hotter if they had come straight out of a fridge. It beggars belief but I'm convince Wendy's have developed a "cold toaster", an appliance than can give the effect of toasting a bun without actually applying any heat because the bun I got with this poor quality burger was both greasy and cold, yet...
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Anonymous Wendy's burgers are getting smaller an smaller!! And what the he'll happened to the tomato an lettuce size!! Cherry tomato slice? Burger king ran me off 4years ago now wendys!...

Your baconater is the best fast food burger of all the chains. My local Paw Paw Mich Wendy's refuses to put more than 2- 2inch pieces of bacon on a sandwich. I have brought this to their attention on 2 occasions to no avail. When you look at the advertised picture of the sandwich there's comes no where close with two tiny pieces of bacon. They tell me they are short of bacon. These people are ripping me off and it's *** me off. Please...
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I got a Baconator today. It tasted okay, but $5.50 for a single burger with not that much bacon? Give me a break. Wendy's used to have better burgers back in the 80's (the prices were higher, but the burgers were better quality) and MUCH better deals in the 90's (you could get a quarter-pound double stack, Biggie fries, and a Biggie Drink for $2.97 before tax!) . Now, it tastes like meh and costs an arm and a leg. Also, depending upon which...
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