I would like to thank you guys for over 30 yrs of great burgers...Unfortunately, the group of co workers and I who patronize your establishment, will no longer do so.The sad attempts on the new commercials leave a very appealing effect, the new red head actress used in your commercials is annoying and unappealing to a aggravating point.

The lame attempts at using Mr.Big's song has truly killed the Wendy's lure...

You guys are killing a good thing, about 11 of of us is not even a drop in the bucket but it still counts

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So, you're done with Wendy's just because you can't stand the red headed girl in the commercials? GET A LIFE!


I think the redhead is super cute and like watching her.


The person who wrote this complaint is full of doggie doo.There is no way 11 people are boycotting together, because they are all in agreement that they do not like the current spokesperson or a song.

That 'annoying redheaded actress' has been Wendy's biggest success yet, she ain't going nowhere sweetie!

Personally, I think you are probably a friendless, overweight twit who is jealous. Your business will be missed. NOT!

You are right: you don't count!:-)


So you are not going to go to Wendy's anymore not because of bad service but because of a commercial? Wow!

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