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I just made a special trip to Wendy's to get there right at 10 am when they start serving lunch so that I could avoid the usual real long slow lines. The doors were all locked and there were several elderly gentleman eating inside who were just fininshing up.

They struggled to unlock the door to leave and one of them told me that they weren't serving anybody in there right now. No explanation was given and a couple of the employees inside were looking at me like I was an alien from outer space for actually trying to get inside their store to order something to eat. Going through the drive-through wasn't an option because I always eat inside so that if they screw up my order it is easier to have it fixed. I am guessing that maybe they had the place locked up so that they could clean house between breakfast and lunch but that is just a guess.

I am planning on trying later. Normally, I don't go so early for lunch but yesterday I went just after 11 a.m. and there were about 100 high-school kids in there all eating and there was a real long line because they only have one register open and are very slow all the time. I was trying to get there early today to avoid having to wait behind a huge group of people like was in there yesterday.

And going to McDonalds or Booger King doesn't really interest me because I am fed up with dealing with their nonsense and I am not particularly fond of their food. Wendy's is the lesser of the evils.

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Hello. I wrote the above review.

They also were locked up for no reason well past the 7.a.m. opening time one Sunday Morning as well, shortly after this happened.

I ended up taking my business to McDonalds and using one of my Booger King coupons to get a disappointing meal there. I think that all three of theses "restaurants" are very icky and tacky and have gross food and I would be tickled if they all three would go out of business and there ugly "Restaurants" converted into affordable housing for low income people.