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So, I've loved Wendy's for years now, but dont get to eat there alot... sometimes the fries are cold, but oh well- no biggie.

Well I went to get a family order one night; 12 jr. bacon cheeseburgers, 2 plain. So after a 25 min wait in the drive through I get home and none of them are plain, and then there was one that didnt even have a burger in it!! I called the number on the bag and complained and she said the store would call me within 24 hours.

Nope, its been over a month and nothing still- it was BS. Im through with Wendys....

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Burger.

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A waste of time traveling to the Broomall store. Long slow lines. Never have gift cards near the holidays.


More then likely they got part of it wrong because who honestly comes and oders 12 jbc s that's *** crazy. And they aren't going to do *** about it. So don't hold your breath


We use to like wendys food. but we got a couple of bergers there tonight and they tasted like they were dipped in salt.


There is no way you waited 25 min in a Wendys drive thru. They have the industry fastest drive thru rate. This is not a true story.