Canby, Oregon

Me and my family went thru a drive thru in Denver, CO, this was when they still had hot chocolate and I'm not sure if they still do, but it basically tasted like hot water. This was the argument between me and the rude manager....

Manager: You have to stir the hot chocolate.

Me: I understand that but I dont wanna spend time stirring the drink. If its nasty, then it's nasty.

Manager: You need to "know your menu" before you come here...

Me: Know my menu??? How the heck am I supposed to "know the menu..."

Manager: (snatches drink) You get out of here!!!!! (slam window)

Me: $&@!?

You can see why I'm upset, right? You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for letting such an inconsiderate, unprofessional *** like that work at the window. She should be fired immediately...

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Wow...I'd be ticked off too...


Wow, what a ***, never going to wendys.