Dayton, Ohio
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My family went through the drive thru to buy dinner for us and brought it straight home - about 3 miles. The food was cold and obviously had been sitting there for quite some time. I tried to call the store to inform them of the need for improvement. We did not want a refund or more of that terrible food.

However, we were unable to get through on the phone. It went to a fax machine, even though the store was open for hours yet. So I tried to send a fax. Even it was refused 4 times. So I went online to find a complaint line to let corporate know what happened. There were so many hoops and errors on the pages that I was unable to email or report the problem online. So I tried to call. No response, just menus leading me in circles and try back later messages.

Screw that. Just horrible. And tragic, because I used to really like some of their food. Oh well.

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Just ordered a Dave Double its 4:17 pm. The meat is all dried out, bun is dry.

Employees all standing around not cleaning. Wont go back.

Can get a better burger at T Allen's, BK, too bad used to love this place. Lincolnway, South Bend In.


I completely understand. 3 times now I have had the same experience....i used to love wendys but if this continues I will be looking elsewhere.i don't want a refund or anything else.just the good food they used to Serve


Wendy's sucks.


Wendy's sucks *** Wendy's


Pat, I'd like to solve the puzzle. Is it "Wendy's suck Flock Wendy's" ???????????????????????


Just had an issue with the Wendy's in Pueblo West CO. Again they missed an item on the order, after reading it back correctly.

Just like they often do. An important item for my 8 yr old. So back I go, only another twenty minutes out of my day! The new inbred fred gives me attitude, like I'm trying to screw him out of his 2 dollar screw-up.

We spend too many thousands at that place. They will no longer have to worry about me trying to get the small fry I already paid for! Wendy's financial position is a result of their inability to hire people with any common sense not to mention business sense.

I am done with their *** service and *** attitude! Mark Johnson PW CO.


I was served three rawhamburgers. She offered me a free meal a nd a refund for a me a l.

After a month I w rote as g a in a nd the e mail is no longer valid.I never got a thing.

As nd if you screw up three meals, you should replace three meals. I hate them.


$7.12 for a baconator. No fries no drink just a burger with bacon.

Much cheaper at jack in the box and just as good. My last trip to wendys. This websites right. Wendys sucks!

I tried to go on their website to say what a rip off it was and got stopped in two different spots.

They really dont want my comments. No more wendys for me which sucks cuz they had good burgers at what seemed like a good price before


Hire people that can read English, they screw the order up every time, will never step in that *** again, stoner kids and Mexicans, what a combo.


I think that you are all for getting the real problem with Wendys. The food.

I remember when Wendys used to have the best hamburgers of anyone. The prize used to be pretty good also .notice how they quit putting fresh never frozen on the bags?.


Dave Thomas would be ashamed at the *** his daughter is serving up...It used to be pretty good for fast food...Fake everything now...Sour cream made of corn starch and a multitude of chemicals..Never again..Will I eat your chemical concoctions masquerading as food...Miss Wendy your dad is not proud of you..Shame on you


Wendy's Store #12 287 S. Sandusky Rd, Delaware, Ohio.

On February 20th, 2013 @ 3:56 pm ,order #0397- I order an Grilled Chicken Combo with Iced Tea and fries. After heading down 42. I noticed I didn't receive a straw or napkins,so I couldn't drink my tea while I was driving. I opened the sandwich, it was over cooked and dried out as if it been under the heat lamp for a while.

The fries were very salty,too,too salty.

I went home to their site to file a complaint. A few days later I received a form letter from Wendy's with another customers name on it asking for my email address that way they can send a coupons to resolve the issue, NOT MY NAME on the letter! ..I respond to the email explaining they messed up.

Come on Wendy's you are really failing to impress me with your response and service. They didn't reply back to my email. Then I received an email form letter with addressed to me. So I send my email address as the email requested it,but they never followed -up with the complimentary coupon(s) or an email apologizing for the mistake.

I 've been a Wendy's customer since the 1990's.

I have never received bad service or bad food in the manner in which on did on February 20,2013. I don't eat at other fast food restaurants. I choose Wendy's to eat because of the quality of their food and service, but after this experience.

I guess, I will be looking for another fast food restaurant to go to. Wendy's, you are failing to impress me with your response and service!!!!


Burkhardt Rd., Evansville, IN. I apologized that all I had were $50 bills as I handed one through the window.

"We don't take $50 bills." "That's all I have, sorry." He wouldn't budge, so I asked for a manager, so another *** kid ("manager"?) tells me the same thing. I showed her the bill in the light so she could see the thread in it that it was real. Or just run the marker over it like every other business in the entire country. She just stared at me.

"Can't take it." "This is all I have, real American money, call someone higher up, or get a higher up manager." The next manager said that if I didn't leave, she'd call the police. ???? They don't accept American money, so they're going to call the police???

She said they'd rather throw away the food I'd ordered rather than give me the satisfaction of getting it.

How can an owner be that *** to set such a policy? How can they hire such rude employees?


Why the *** DONT YOU GET CHANGE YOU THINK IS EASY WORKING FOR A *** company that gives there managers a headache for every pitty *** you guys say. DO THE BURGER YOURSELF or YOU KNOW WHAT WORK there to see if you can last a *** DAY...


Legal tender ***. learn to spell and you may get a job higher up than working fast food.


At the same time no manager or employee should deal with difficult customers.


Can't believe it. Third time.

I'm all done with you.

Been going there for years. You just done care anymore.


When you order ONLY lettuce, tomato, onion and mayonaise - that should not come with cheese (which we were billed for). even though I've complained in the past, it happens every time!!(it's a scam - another $1 for cheese I did not want)!!


Firstly, cheese is 40 cents. Secondly, depending on what you order, though I'm assuming it was a number 1, saying only doesn't change the fact you ordered a cheeseburger.

If you don't want cheese, say no cheese. Thats like asking for a jr. bacon, and saying only mayo. You're still going to get bacon, burger and cheese, because THEY ALWAYS COME ON THE SANDWICH UNLESS YOU SPECIFY OTHERWISE.

Either say you want a hamburger, or say you want no cheese. This mistake is entirely your fault.


Wendy's must be the only fast food restaurant that does not offer Free Refills. McDonald's does, Steak & Shake does.

I witnessed an employee deny an elderly lady a small refill very rudely, telling her "we don't give out free refills here". When my time to order came, I bought a small coke for the lady, took it to her table and left the store. The rudeness of the employee reaaly got to me.

Instead of wasting corporate money redesigning their stu pid logo, they should train their employees to be respectful and accomodating to elders. I'm not going back to Wendy's.