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The other day I was going out of town and stoped by the wendy's out on Hwy 80 in Columbus GA and that rude assed *** lookin manager( I'm pretty sure she's the manager anyway) litteraly THREW my food out the window at me then slamed that little window.I understand she is frustrated with her life choices and has a job she obviously hates, but don't take it out on the customers!

The Wendy's Corp really needs to send some mystery shopers over there and see this crazy-*** in action. I was so pissed, that I threw my food back all over the window and drove off. I figured that any place that would act like that probabbly didn't give much of a shiit about food handeling practices eather.

Take my advice- avoid the Wendy's on Hwy 80 in Columbus GA !!!

Monetary Loss: $8.


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Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #56210

you were a rude little *** too.

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