My bf & I were ordering in the drive-thru around 11pm (open til 1am) last night... What I really came for was their new Baked Sweet Potato, which of course they ran out of, so we ordered the regular baked potato, Mac n cheese, chocolate shake, jbc, large fries, and a crispy chicken sandwich.

Then the cashier asked me through the speaker, "do you want to add a small side of fries with ur baked potato since the sweet baked potato costs more?" "No, I want you to *** the Sweet Baked Potato (still on the screen) off my total and only charge me what I'm ordering." Total then came down from $11.~ to $9.~. So I drive up, paid, no receipt, figured it would be in my bag of food. Got my food, went home, NO CRISPY CHICKEN SANDWICH (my only protein since my bf has the jbc), NO STRAW for his shake, mac n cheese was HALF FULL, baked potato was SHRIVELED up. UGGGGGHHHHHH.

HALF the time we go there, we're MISSING AN ITEM we ordered!! Oh, and to make matters worse, NO RECEIPT in the bag and I just checked the pending credit card charge on my account and got charged $11 for

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