I went to purchase a late night snack at the wendy's in New Lenox, Il. I handed the lady a 20 dollar bill for a meal that costs 6.46. She took a long time getting me the change and i didn't think twice to count it. She gave me a funny look after she came around the second time to give me the food.

After i finished eating in my car, i realized that she only gave me 9 dollars in return, with no receipt. My guess is she pocketed the money. WIthout a receipt, i have no proof that i was even there. Looking back, it made sense that she acted strangely when she gave me the food, almost like she was just expecting me to say that i got the incorrect change. I'll never place that much trust in a cashier in the future. It sucks that theres people out there that would take advantage of a tired, half-intoxicated individual (i was within legal limits.

wendys,, *** off!

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #202281

Lol if they did seperated blacks on a seperate island with crack, chicken and guns they would eventually kill each other off till only one remains. Monkey boy 1 steals monkey boy 2's crack, Monkey Boy 1 shoots him.

Monkey boy 3 then steals some chicken from him.

Monkey boy 3 is shot. However if this person were old enough to drive one would think they ar old enough to count the change.


she could have just been dumb. it doesn't take a phd to work at wendy's. it also doesn't take a phd to count your change after you purchase something...

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #178563

The fact that she is black and looked at me funny proves it. now if she were white perhaps i could understand she made a mistake but these blacks are the ones who like to pocket money.

They are not smart unless it comes to ripping people off. She clearly stole my money and did not give me the receipt so I could not prove she stole it. This is what happens when they hire these people. Sammy is right I should not trust a fast food cashier, especially a black one.

It was not the machines that screwed up.

She obviosly wanted the money for herself to buy booze and drugs. What blacks do.


I work at Wendy's, and it takes a while to get change because we have to put the bills into a validation machine. Most of the time we use a pen, but during later night hours (when mostly criminals tend to come through with counterfeit bills), we feed them into the machine. The machine dispenses change based on that, and the machines do occasionally screw up.


your the *** for not checking your ***. stop complaining and be more responsible, y would u trust a fukin fast food joint cashier anyway? *** i check my reciept even when i use a debit card to make sure they dont add anything in there.

Allenton, Michigan, United States #168417

You probably spent the money on your booze you ***!!!!! :x :x :x :x :x

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