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A new thing at wendy's - when you order a combo meal they ask "do you want medium or large?" The prices on the menu are listed as small. I always just reiterate that I want SMALL.

On my last visit the manager said they don't have small today - only medium or large. This unethical upgrade adds $1.00 to all combos. I am sure this practice generates hundreds or thousands of dollars a day to their bottom line.

At the very least it is unethical...it should be illegal! All employees say it is part of their training for the last 6 months.

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I worked for Wendy's for a while as both Crew member and Manager, I knew all the tips and tricks.

Today, I went to a Wendy's with my partner and we only had $2.14, which we knew was enough money to get what we both wanted, since we just wanted 2 $.99 items.

He wanted a Jr Bacon Cheeseburger, and I wanted a Jr Cheeseburger Deluxe.

Now, the Jr Cheeseburger Deluxe comes with mayo, catsup, pickle, onion, tomato, lettuce, mustard, the cheese, and the meat on the regular bun. It costs $1.19.

If you order a Jr Cheeseburger, add everything... it's the same sandwich. But since condiments at Wendy's are free, the sandwich still costs $.99.

I ordered a JBC and A Jr Cheeseburger add everything, and when I saw the guy had punched in a Deluxe, I said nicely "I actually wanted a Jr Cheeseburger..." and he got upset!

I got into an argument with him since I had actually been a manager and sometimes treated customers to the cheaper sandwich! He was so rude to me. For what, $.20, you can't just void it off and give the *** customer what they want?

That's ridiculous. Congratulations, Wendy's, you're officially so desperate, you're going to screw someone out of $.20.


What I think this person is saying is that when they try to upsell you, they do not offer you the option of small. They offer medium or large like it is your only choices expecting you will say medium because you assume that's their regular size, and they can charge you for upsell.


Medium at Wendy's isn't the regular size. Small is.


now i do agree that we shouldnt do that but we do say would you like to make that a medium or large and we are told to say that we have to or we get in trouble for not saying what we are suppose to and i do know that we are suppose to advertise the medium or large.... some managers dont care about that but most do say you have to say it or you are in trouble.... its just something we have to say


It's really not a big deal. Most fast food places suggest larger sizes.

If you don't want it then don't order it.

And if they tell you that they don't have small at that time then either leave or don't let them charge you for a larger size. It's as simple as that.


If you can read a menu board it is not brain surgery, it is common since that upgrades will cost a little more, mentioning the upgrade is called suggestive selling and EVERY ff rest does it or is encouraged to do it


Sally, don't be such a ho. This is corporate thievery and should be stopped. I got duped into ordering a medium once, and I know it's a way for Wendy's to steal customers' money 50 cents at a time.



Then don't eat at Wendy's. ***.