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After ordering a combo meal at Wendy's, I was asked by the clerk: "Do you want a Medium or Large?". My reply: "Is that the only two choices?", because she made it sound as if these are the only two choices.

I ordered the small instead of "upgrading". I asked if she was trained to say that and she said yes. I have noticed that every Wendy's that I have been to say this, regardless of location. All Wendy's employees are trained to say this in order to sell more "upgrades"....Very unethical sales practice & training.

The small is included in the advertised price and the upgrade costs extra.

This probably generates a LOT of money for Wendy's because people do not question the "Medium or Large Combo?" question.

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They didn’t even ask me what size and automatically upsized it to a medium!!!


Ahahahhaha You've never been in fast food I see. Smh


They absolutely do this at most Wendy's and it is deceptive - why else would they be trained to say it the same way each time. The word small does NOT appear on their menu.

They never mention small. This is why America is fat.


very true! I got tricked twice as I forgot the second time to mention small so I got extra charge for auto upgrade without even asking!


I have NEVER noticed this. It must come from me always ordering the same thing every time.

I really must break that rut.


At my Wendy's we just don't ask, if they get a combo, we assume they want it small, unless they ask for a medium or large of course. But hey, I guess we're different. -Wendy's of Chelsea, MI


Hey I work for Wendy's and yes we are told to say that. In fact we are told to upsell as much as possible, because the higher our upsell percentage is the more shifts we will get.

On my first day of work I was told to just ask people if they "just want to go with the medium size" so that they will assume it's the standard. We are told not to mention the small unless a customer asks.

Our jobs depend on it, and it's ***! But we're told to up the profits no matter what.


Employees with the Wendy's That I work with are told to say small medium or large

I find it hard to belive that as a fast food consumer you don't know that all companys offer small medium and large the big questions is how many oz's are in each one , and to the guy who said there was only about an inch difference between the medium and large that still is a 8 oz volume difference the large cup is bigger around which allows it to hold more beverage


While I agree that this is a greedy attempt by a proprietor or corporation to separate the consumer from his/her have to realize this is how these guys stay in business...people always gotta eat and drink...the tactic you describe is called "suggestive selling." ALL fast food employees no matter which restaurant they work in are trained to ask you this question...I had to do it. And it nearly got me punched in the face one time...I wanted to kill the son of a ***.

But getting back on topic...they are all trained to do this and the only thing to really do is just keep it regular. All food service/hospitality employees are trained to essentially exploit customer's's harsh but that's the way it is...


I agree with Big Bruce, just like they are too lazy to get out of the car to order food, they will go through the drive-thru


If you would take the time to read the menu board you would see all the combo options. Then again most people who post complaints in here don't read anyway.


This happened to me today and pretty much every time but I suppose like many, I never think to question it.

However I had a large size cup on my desk from an order last week and decided to pour my medium drink in it as its more sturdy, etc.

to my surprise the medium was only about 1" less in pour vs a large! The difference in appearance is meant to look HUGE but in reality it's not.


It is not my favorite tactic; it is called a presumptive close, and it is done in selling everywhere. I suggest you just ask if there is a smaller size, and then order that. Not really a big deal.


i went to baskin robins and ordered the waffle cone sundae. unlike the other times (years in between each) i've been there, the worker asked what size i wanted.

all that's on the menu is the big one so i said "what's the smallest size i can get". she said "one scoop" as if i was mentally challenged.

it would never to occurred to me to order one scoop, but then i realized, yea, they can ring up each item ala cart so why not. it almost cost as much as the regular size, but since i couldn't finish it anyway i didn't care.


Have you guys seen the size of their medium drink? F*ing *** it's huge.

Why would anyone want a drink that big?

But anyway, it is a sh*ty sales tactic and an unethical business practice to ask "medium or large" without also offering the small. They know what they're doing and why they're doing it, and that's why it's not wrong!


Wow, I hope that this is a joke. If all you have in your life to be angry about then you all either have lives that are virtually perfect or you don't have lives worth living. I haven't fully decided yet.


Okay, my logic-impaired friends... If they have a large and they have a medium, does that not also imply the existence of a small?

(Movie theatres don't count here because they stopped being part of the real world a long time ago.)


Good for you Angela, just turn around and walk out like some 9 year old. Trust me they won't miss you and your attitude.

If you get upset about being asked if you want a medium or small you have issues. Expecially if you are older than the age I think you are.

Keith do you need mommy to talk for you if you want a small. Bet that is not the only thing small with you.


Who is the child here? Making fun of someone'S *** size, you must be the 9 year old.


I did a search on this because I am also pissed off by this tactic. All they say is "Medium or Large" and that is what I have to believe they are being trained to say.

(not as the manager above said it).

It is VERY unethical and needs to be stopped. Next time I go to Wendy's and they say it, I am going to just turn around and walk out.