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I took my high school athletic team after our competition in Lawrenceburg, TN, to the local Wendy's. I specified my burger to be with lettuce tomato and cheese.

When they gave me my food, it was a burger with everything. When I took it back they fixed another the same way. After the third burger I asked for my money back and the manager laughed at me. I have been a loyal Wendy's customer for 35 years but I will not go again.

Never take food back unless you can watch it prepared or you will eat food off the floor or with spit or something on it! I complained to the Wendy's online twice and never got an answer.

I even identified the manager for them and they never acknowledged my complaint at all. Goodbye forever, Wendy!!

Review about: Wendys Cheeseburger.

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If you took your entire team there, what do you expect? People make mistakes, and with a sudden large rush, those mistakes increase their chances of happening because there's so much going on and not enough help.

The manager shouldn't have laughed at you, and your sandwich should have been made right the second time, you're not wrong in complaining about that, but honestly, don't get your panties in a bunch over something so small.


Really, your 5.75 will really put a dent in their wallet, why dont you cry it over with a big tall glass of prune juice and a fresh pair of depends. oh yeah, dont forget to renew your AARP you bag of bones.


How dare they give you a burger with more things on it then you asked for. You should sue for to many extras.

Thats got to be onion and pickle abuse. If you want it your way go to burger king...

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