I ordered 4 grilled chicken wraps, 2 plain and 2 regular. I waited in line for ten minutes with only two cars ahead of me.

When I finally got to the window they told me it was going to be a wait for the chicken. I said okay. The cashier asked me not once, not twice but four different times if I was sure I wanted to wait, as if he wanted me to say no. I kept saying yes and he turned to whoever and said that I still wanted it.

The lady replied, "JESUS CHRIST!" I told them Nevermind and left. I'm waiting on my call back from corporate. I can't believe they would hire such rude and lazy employees. What does she think she's paid for.

It's not like she had to go and slaughter the chicken..

I felt disrespected and I was highly offended. Not my first bad experience at a Wendy's either

Review about: Wendys Cashier.

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"I can't believe they would hire such rude and lazy employees!."

yea most wendys hire high-school student which are known to be rude and lazy. whats your complaint?

you want them to hire college grads that are smart?

you want to pay $10 for your $1 chicken whatever? stup1d


I think you really overreacted to this one. Just calm down.

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