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I was always a loyal customer to Wendy's - they were always my favorite even though I did sometimes have problems at certain locations. Mistakes happen, I get it. But last November I went to the drive-thru and noted one of my sandwiches missing from my bag when they gave it to me. At first the girl told me I was wrong, but finally she took the bag from me to "check." She walked away for a few moments and when she returned she had her hand in the bag as if she was putting a sandwich in, rolled up the bag, handed it to me and said "Sorry about that, have a nice night."

Imagine my surprise when I got home to see my sandwich still missing! She intentionally deceived me in order to move me along in the line. I called the store to complain, hoping they would take my name down for my next visit, but after 4 times trying to call and no answer (It's a really bad location, IMO), I finally called the 800 number and did the survey! When I was lodging my complaint with a human being, they took down my info and put me on hold. No surprise, I was on hold for 15 minutes and finally had to hang up because we were leaving for the airport (The reason for getting Wendy's that evening).

The next day I did the online survey and received a form response from Wendy's. Then I also got what seemed like a form apology from the District Manager, Ada Hasbun. But I was offered no compensation or reimbursement for the sandwich I paid for! I'm not even asking for anything extra or complaining about something silly like mayo on my sandwich (which they always screw up and I overlook!). It has been months and I have tried to contact them again several times and receive no response! I've also posted comments on their facebook page, and nothing! This is so different from what I've experienced with other companies.

FInally, I set up a facebook page (Help Kristen Get a Reimbursement From Wendy's) hoping to get some attention or at least stop being ignored! We'll see. I wasn't even asking for anything FREE just what was STOLEN from me!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Sandwich.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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What you should do, is go to every Township/City meeting open to the public and complain about it. Find other people who where messed over and demand the restaurants business license be revoked.


First of all, we are talking about Wendys. Second of all, we are talkinga about Wendys.

To dwell on this is beyond my scope of reality. Personally, I would be "pissed" as well...but then I would have to laugh. Then I would try to see the world from that girls perspective.

She probably hates working there and deals with major d-bags by the minute (it is Wendys) and she probably is barely making enough money to pay her rent and feed her children. Sorry, but I'm going to let this slide and understand that *** happens, but life has so much more to offer once we understand this and move on.


For me when things like this happen just don't patronize the store ever. Vote with your pocketbook as they say.

For $3.00 it's not worth it.

There are better fish to fry so to speak. Things like this will happen so you might as well minimize the agony unless you like to pursue such activities.


Nerdlinger-It may seem neurotic to you but the whole idea is to keep employees and companies accountable and professional. We have great customer service in our country and I do not want to see attitudes start to slip.

Good Luck girl!


I don't understand all you people talking about how petty this girl is to want to have restitution for the money stolen from her. It isn't the amount - it is the point.

She made the effort to check her bag, and the clerk obviously pretended to put the missing sandwich in. Mistakes happen, but it was not a mistake at that point. It was a *** to her.

I also think that even if it had been just a mistake, that the response from Wendy's was sorely lacking. You go girl!


I have never understood why anyone would just take a bag at the drive-up window and not verify the order. People have to learn to verify their orders and not feel compelled to drive away because there are cars behind them.

What's the matter with you???

Of course, I also wonder why so many people actually use a drive-up anyway. Are you so crippled you cannot walk into the joint??


NO! Don't let it go...

It's what they want you to do... They do not care if YOU ever go back, they aleady stole from you, and expect that you won't go back.

They want the other customers (read: suckers) to come in so they can scam them with missing items, cold brown fries, and stale buns passing it off as food.

Wendy's will go broke soon enough. Their shareholders are already pissed that they aren't making money, and wendys will only continue to try to cut costs to keep shareholders investing.


Everyone is going to eat every day, so why is wendys business declining? Not due to less people eating thats for sure.

Wake up... You have other choices, goto McDonalds, they are showing that they DO appreciate your business.

Monica Vicki

Wow. Someone has a little too much time on their hands...


Isn't this site by nature a little petty? I thought that was the point - to show that I am PISSED.

I was stolen from. I feel sorry for people who are so complacent in life to throw $4 away, or not get "PISSED" when it's taken from you.


I also think it is time to let it go. If you are that upset just don't eat at Wendys ever again.


I suppose I am. For me it is the principle.

Like I said, i understand mistakes happen. But to have been ignored this whole time and not offered a simple coupon to reimburse me? That's what's petty. And to have been blatantly lied to by the drive thru employee?

That's not something I can ignore without a proper apology. $3.84 isn't a lot of money, but it's still money I worked to earn. So yes, I am still holding a grudge, and will be, proudly, until I am compensated.

What do you care? :grin