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to whom it may concearn , i have lived in portland oregon for eight years and live about a mile from a wend'ys . we go there because it it convient.

but i am really getting mad . our order is rarley correct and if we point that out they become very rude. i work n customer service and i know how important great customer service is to a buiseniss. there are twenty five people who have agreed to to go to any wendy's anywhere .

something really need to be done. i am not sure what but if a customer is paying for a meal it should be correct. .

is there anyone who has any ideas at all ? tammy moore

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I have had a lot of problems with Wendy's Restaurants in the past year or so.. and it is not just one.

I travel a lot and used to go to Wendy's all the time, but it seems something has changed within management. They are FAR more lax or have hired people with less experience to work those jobs, probably to pay them Much less. Wendy's used to the one fast food joint where you knew you always get good hot food, the place would be clean and the staff would be focused on the job. There have been some specific appalling incidents that I won't go into to here, but you can believe I won't be back to those places, and Wendy's Restaurant in general is further down my list of places to eat for a quick meal.

NEVER and I mean NEVER go to the Wendy's under the highway in Kansas City, Ks Next to Kemper Arena!!!! That place is straight out of ***.


Wendys is on the way out here in Dallas, the quality of food has gone beyond repair, we are getting In&Out soon, byebye Wendys :p :p :p


I agree on the downhill comment but not in service but quality of food. Here in eastern Washington State, the quality of food is suffering.

I used to like their fries because they are thicker and have more of a potato taste than McD's anorexic fries.

Lately they are cold and soggy, not worth getting. Wendy's is now our last resort when it comes to fast food


Okay do you realize that their are thousands of wendy's? No.

Wendy's is not going downhill because a 16 year old who probably works late and going to school in the morning doesn't want to deal with your ***! Quit complaining it's FREAKIN' Fast FOOD!

Not a gourmet restaurant! Corporate can care less!!!!!!!!!!


I would recommend going back to school to improve your terrible spelling.


Does anyone else notice that Wendy's has alot of complaints on this website??? I agree, I think Wendy's is going down hill fast.

I also had a problem with Wendy's which I posted on this website. Someone needs to let Wendy's know about this so maybe they can do something about it!!