While going to Wendy's my boyfriend ordered a 5 piece Chicken Nugget and a small fry for me. The person kept messing up and tried charging us for 2spicy nuggets and a reg nugget and a fry.

After finally getting the employee to understand what we wanted we pulled through. No one was standing at the first window waiting for our money, so we pulled to the second window. As soon as we got there a lady handed him the bag of food. While my boyfriend was in the middle receiving the bag he told the girl at the window that he hadn't paid yet.

Just then an older woman came running up to the window screaming don't give them that! They didn't pay they are trying to steal the food! The girl at the counter didny stick up for us she just moved out of the way so the old lady could come to the window. My boyfriend being the nice person he is just took the embarrassment while all the other employees came over to look at our car.

You could hear one woman in the back saying "they tried to steal $3 in food? How pathetic." This is one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, when we did nothing wrong.

Wendy's is full of drama causing, rude, employees who talk about customers basically right to their face. Never going back again.

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I used to work at a Wendy's on the first window. The reason no one was there at the window is cause the back window person is required to cash people out,bring buns to sandwich makers,and wash dishes at the same time.

If they were really concerned about people stealing food they would change back window's position and make it more reasonable so they only cash people out and another person can do buns and dishes. The manager was out of line for yelling they're trying to steal that out loud before being informed on the situation.It was rude for the employees to make fun of you in your face. The one I worked at at least did it behind their back after they left lol.

If you were trying to steal that i don't think you would've said you didn't pay yet (common sense) If you were who cares it was only 3$ worth of food like the kid said. Wendy's employees are really just a bunch of kids even the adults that work there.


Make sure you complain to Wendy's. You can also try going to another location.

Today I went to Wendy's to get spicy nuggets but I got the regular nuggets :sigh (I actually asked for spicy nuggets). If you complain to Wendy's they will apologize and give you free coupons.

Hope this helps! :)


you should just give up fast food altogether. Take care of your heart for a change...


I guess Joan does lots of embarassing things.


I sure wish I had never had a more embarrassing moment than what you described. That is a very minor thing to be embarrassed about.

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