Strassen, Luxembourg
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Wendy's wi-fi internet is heavily censored even for simple searches, can't click simple YouTube videos, can't search and find Youtube videos because search results are heavily censored, can't hardly even find anything on the Olympic Games, they heavily edit search results. This is utterly ridiculous, what is the use of offering wi-fi at all? Searches regarding government are also heavily edited and much is omitted from search results, news searches are edited. BOOOOOO WENDY'S!!!!

Also Wendy's workers are supposed to wear gloves in the kitchen while preparing the food and they don't always do so.....very unhygienic!!! This is unacceptable. If their policy says that they have to wear gloves in the kitchen then why aren't these policies being enforced???


Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Wi-fi Facility.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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There are no Wendy's restaurants in Luxembourg.