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I had very bad experiences at the stores at 15th Avenue South and 4th Street South in St. Petersburg, Florida. I complained to the corporate website and was contacted by Shelley Lewis, the District 51 manager. My initial order at the 15th St. store was shorted and poorly prepared. Ms. Lewis emailed me that she would provide 2 free combos as replacement.

I went to the 4th St. South store and this is where my horror story starts. I was treated like "white-trash" by the all-black counter servers, the Baconator had just 21/2 slices of bacon instead of the 6 stated on the menu board, a scrap of lettuce and a swipe of mayo. My triple with cheese looked like the patties had been sitting in the warmer trays for an hour, all dried-out and dark brown; the onions were stringy and tough like they'd been out of the cooler all day long. I was served soggy, limp fries that had also been in the warmer too long. When I asked for fresh order of fries, Sonya told me, "They look fine to me." And, "If you don't like our fries, you probably won't like our sandwiches." She was right! The Burgers were pure junk. I had to bag my own order after Sonya was told it was "to-go" instead of dine-in. While bagging my own order, she huffed, "You gotta get out of the way for these other customers!"

I e-mailed Ms. Lewis back with this horror story and she wanted me to go back to the scene of the crime and roll my dice with this crew again!! I was insulted and humiliated. I pursued the proper channels of procedure with Wendy's and got the Big Screw.

I'll never go back to a minority-operated Wendy's in south St. Petersburg ever again. You shouldn't either if you don't want to get ripped-off or mistreated. These Wendy's people are obviously very poorly trained and could care less. I was offered a mere "Baconator" combo by Ms. Lewis if I went back to the place where I got raped. No Way!

Ms. Lewis' e-mail is: shelley_lewis@wendys.com; her phone is: 727-204-4376

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Combo Meal.

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That's ignorant. The only white people that stop in South St.

Pete are buying crack. You're lucky you didn't get robbed.

Put down the pipe and just go to Chick-fill-a. :cry


I know shelley lewis.... She is an awesome person...

What options did she have.... You are obviously one of those people that are never going to be happy, what did you really expect the woman to do.... ? Seriously, if you don't like the food, don't go back to a place, rather then acting like a racist ***...

Just saying. :sigh