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I stopped into the Wendy's on 13th St in Oak Creek, WI and it was the most terrible experience I have ever had. We went through the drive through and as the person was taking our order she must have forgotten that there is a window where customers can see her.

She was rolling her eyes and looked like it was painful to take out order of 2 combo meals and a single snadwich. When I got home my grilled chicken was fried and the swiss cheese on my club sandwich was putrid! Then when my roomate was eating her bacon cheeseburger deluxe, it had not one piece of bacon on it. The fries were lukewarm in the bag and they forgot the side salad that went with the order.

When I asked for the side salad it was practically thrown out the window!! The manager was running around with her hair flying everywhere and no one who was working in the back had thier heads covered.

I will be notifying the community health people as I think it is time for a compliance inspection for holding times and food temperature.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #178553

You may be old enough to drive but you certainly don't act it.


kelley is right...this happens all the time! customers like you come buy all the time and make up the most random names! there is no such thing as a bacon cheeseburger obviously that's not what you're going to get.


I worked for wendys and if you order a jr bacon delux you wont get what you want, no such thing. try to order a jr bacon with everything. As for everything else,,yeah they do suck pretty bad :sigh

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