Houston, Texas
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Employee Aricelli located in the Katy tx, told us that we ordered wrong @ the drive - through. I was on the phone with my wife giving her the order for our 11yr old daughter.

My wife said I would like a small frosty shake. Aricelli raised the price by giving us a lg. chocolate shake. Of coarse this is obviously the wrong size.

Our daughter loves the sm. chocolate frosty. Now I'm on my wife's cell listening to the whole coversation while Aricelli refuses to back down from being wrong. She was very persistant and rude, saying: "No I herd what you said and you are wrong." again and again she repeated this.

I guess in Katy tx, Wendy's can say what they want to the customer. What the *** do we know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Customer Care.

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Not to mention if your wife is old enough to drive she is old enough to get the order right without you babysitting her. Why is she using her cell phone while driving anyway?


You might want to get your order in order before you arrive at the drive-up. Or, a better suggestion is for you to get you rear end out of the car and WALK up to the counter to order---and stay off the phone while you are ordering, no matter if in car or at the counter.

Stop whining. It's unbecoming.


This sort of scam happens all the time. Someone orders a larger or more expensive item.

Then when they are charged for the item they claim that they wanted the smaller less expensive item and try to get the higher priced item for the cheaper price because the employee "was wrong" I have seen it happen you are not fooling anyone.

Then they want to keep the more expensive item claiming it will just be thrown out. they are not dumb and are trained for scams like that.