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We stop and walk in because I needed to use the bathroom before ordering our food. While in the bathroom an employee from Wendy’s in uniform walk in and used to urinal that is next to the bathroom sink. I was just finishing washing my hands and proceeded to dry my hands.

I noticed that the employee did not wash his hands after using the bathroom and headed back to work. He opened the door leading to the front counter, stop and put his hands on the counter while the cashier was telling him what to do next in the kitchen. While the employee walk to the kitchen area I told the cashier that he was just in the bathroom and did not wash his hands before returning to work.

Apparently the employee heard me talking to the cashier and as she turned to talk to the employee he started screaming in a threatening way to me. He said “there is nowhere that says that I have to wash my hands two times, so I am washing them now, what is your problem”. While he was screaming at me from the back of the kitchen, a manager came to the cashier area, but he just look at me and continue helping with the window orders. To make things worse the cashier just looks at me and said “I guess he is washing them now!

I screamed back to the employee that, I was concern with my health and those around me. Other customers were making comments to the fact that they could not believe that the manager did not say or do anything to correct the situation. I have never experienced such attitude from employees of a fast food restaurant or the lack of concern of people that are in-charge. At this time I decided that it was to my best interest to leave the restaurant with my daughters.

Employees at Wendy’s can cause serious illness and even death through the contamination of food with fecal matter left on hands after using the bathroom.

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I am a manager at a Wendy's. And Employees are suppose to wash their hands when they come back from the restroom thanks to the health department. Some think its silly to wash their hands twice (Once in the restroom and once they return to the work area). In some ways this is cleaner. Due to two reasons. One being most Wendy's have hand dryers (we had to get rid of the paper towels due to people being too messy and trying to stop up the sink/toilet.). And Two a lot of people do not wash their hands in the restroom. So when they exit the restroom they leave all of those nice germs on the door handle.

I always make our team make sure that everyone washes their hands.

And we do wash our hands multiple times. After we lay our 100% Beef that is NEVER frozen down. We wash our hands because of all that blood. And before we lay our grilled chicken down. We have to wash our hands and put on gloves. We also wear gloves when we make your sandwiches/salads. The people on the grill use a red spatula and the people that pull the meat from the holding area (the sandwich makers) use a white one. Everything is extremely clean. When we give you refills its always in a new cup. All employees must be well shaven.


Plus we get to know our customers personally.

Only mayor bad things about Wendy's is. Most stores do not have wifi, we do not have fruit smoothies, nor frozen drinks at all.


screaming really? well you know what he did wash his hands, cant speak for my co workers, at times.

but hey i wouldnt have been rude i wouldve just wiped my "fecal matter" into your food anyways after i convinced my manager get you a free meal. killing them with a smile hahahaha :grin


I was a manager at Wendy's in the late 1990's. One of the major reasons I quit was because of how sickening it was for me to not be able to be assured that employees were washing their hands.


Well you wouldn't have concern of fecal matter getting in the food if he was urinating in the urinal. Also of course the workers wash their hands in the kitchen.

While he should have washed his hands in the restroom, you should understand that opening two filthy doors will not be clean if you wash them before opening the doors.

So would you rather have an employer that washes his/her hands before leaving the bathroom and not doing it afterwards, both before and after, or just afterwards? Clearly not the last option, but my point is there is a significant amount of germs one comes in contact when opening doors.